I’m Britt, welcome to my blog. “B”, as my family devoutly call me since my diaper days. I’m here to share my most prized possessions and passions, my writing.

Ranging from creative forms and metaphors, short stories and poems, to non-fiction, self-help, faith and theology. There’s something for everyone to leave a little bit lighter and brighter.

“Just Be” is all you have to be, most of the time. I’ve had my share of overthinking it and overdoing it, just to find the beauty that there is in just be-ing. Just be true to yourself and your God. Just be at peace right where you are in that journey. I’ll practice the same and be here writing-

Just B.

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moving from frantic to anti-frantic

I’ve recently been motivated by something new I’ve heard. A life hack and wise wisdom all in one, working to reprogram my inherited short-fused brain-wiring. The message said, “Jesus never did anything frantically.” The first response in my head to this (and conditioning of this hustle-focused generation) was to question it. As though I had … Continue reading moving from frantic to anti-frantic

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