Introducing Personal Discoveries, Intentions

What I would like to do with this blog at this time is create some series of intentions that I can expand on in multiple subjects with each entry. I’ve discovered a tendency of mine to be to set some intentions in the morning and then forget about them by the end of the day and create for myself a vicious routine of disappointment. Every day I should be setting intentions along with my plans to keep maintaining consistency throughout the day. I can look back at my intentions mid-day and keep them fresh in my mind over again.

With these intentions however, I want to be clear in my attempts to be as liberal as possible. By this I mean I want only positivity and freedom to be my foundation from which I motivate. I’ve kept a journal for some time now (on and off throughout my life, but routinely for maybe a year now). The basis around my journal had been to reflect on self-progress, areas to strengthen, things I didn’t understand but would like to work out, and also acknowledging gratitude. When I go back and reread some entries, it’s remarkable how different my impression is when compared to the feeling of writing it all right then in that moment. From rereading the entries, I get a negative, maybe harsher comprehension (especially in ones regarding the ways I need to change and be better). For this blog, I’m really challenging myself to review each of my posts, taking the time to provide care and consideration, so that my verbiage represents positivity only. Rather than pressing so hard on myself with an, “I need to be/do more of this” tone, but with a much more freeing one. I’ve found it so important to be gentle, suggestive, and informative when performing most forms of training. Maybe in certain situations a rough-and-tough training stance would prevail but I know that for myself, having resulted in worse dysfunctional outcomes from this method all my life, is not efficient.

I know well that distractions limit creativity. Boredom in the mind is what expands creativity. Every time our minds can wonder, they are expanding and welcoming more creativity (just see what happens when you don’t touch your smartphone for a full day). This concept is huge in maximizing my performance and self-control for overall success. I want to be more comfortable with being “bored” to experience more opportunity for my mind to reach a place of creativity and freedom. This series of intentions is to establish more control of my life by loosening my grip in areas I tend to be captivated by. Now I know you may be thinking, “Isn’t that contradictory to gain control of yourself while letting go of some senses of rule structures?” The fact is that the most control is gained by eliminating as many distractions drawing you away from your focus as possible. So by freeing yourself from these tight grips of the obsessions that you thought were keeping you together but left you wondering why you still performed less than, just may be the answer to your healing and freedom. I think you will find this theme reoccur throughout my blog so don’t forget about it yet, it has proved to be crucial in my life. Every time God allowed me and showed me to loosen a captivating grip on myself, I became so free and clear.

I plan to establish more control by exploring what motivates control for me personally, and maybe you will be able to relate to my motivators as well. Once we can discover these motivators, we will learn to embrace and celebrate them, striving to strengthen them in our life journey every day.

The subjects to look forward to regarding these personal discoveries include:

-Loosening grips on myself in my diet and food obsessions

-In communication, socialization, not needing to prove anything to anyone

-Spirituality in religion, focus on faith vs. works

It’s a daily practice to train the mind to be less distracted in everything, more free, leading to increased overall control.

I’m so excited to begin this series, it is definitely a huge one. I challenge you to join in with me and ask yourself some of the questions I challenge myself with:

-In what areas am I restricting or putting a great deal of unhealthy pressure on myself?

-What direction am I being pulled in no matter how much of my efforts try to do the opposite? These can likely be God bringing you somewhere else that you don’t yet understand.

-Where is the majority of my focus?

-What is becoming of me while having my focus there?

-What can I work on to be more creative, clear, and successful?

-Do I set intentions for each of my days that steer me toward God and self-improvement?

I hope you are able to reflect and become inspired. I can’t wait to embark on this quest and watch God work through us.

God bless, xoxo,


“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Romans 8:28




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