Infinity of Love and Strength

I’m excited to share of how God poured love and a beautiful lesson of empowerment over me today. I had been praying to become more motivated with the large goals I have and to keep my endurance active despite how exhausting my busy life can be. Just as before, He heard my prayer and provided a downpour of blessings.

All of a sudden I became restless after spending most of the day relaxing with my dog and reading. Thoughts began of how I was going to spend the rest of the Lord’s Sabbath day respectfully while tackling this restless feeling. Just then I received the strongest impression to take Buu on a walk as the sun glared through my window, alerting of its preparation to set for the day. As much as I absolutely love sunsets, for whatever reason I wasn’t too excited for this one. “Ok God, just another sunset you want to show me?” So ungrateful of me, I know. Sometimes it’s as though we can’t even muster up our own encouragement for even the beautiful things. Good thing our Lord knows this and is persistent as He graciously carries us.

So after combating myself in my head for a few minutes, trying to overlook the fact that God knows what He’s doing and I’ll regret it if I ignore Him, I get Buu on her leash and head out. I really am blessed to live where I am, having a view that overlooks the land of the city. I stopped to spend some time listening to my music, watching the sky as the clouds turn color, and cars travel in all directions. I admit it was magnificent, the sky a real masterpiece of sharp blue with bright yellows and oranges contrasting the mountain range and city lights. There was a breeze that kept me more than comfortable despite the desert heat so I could just take the time and listen to what God had to tell me through His creation.

I was there for a bit and kept wondering why God made it so crucial that I came out right then, at that very time, before the sun really started to set. Hold that thought, my attention was then diverted from the cloud I was staring at, and brought my gaze much higher and off into the distant sky. The brightest white sliver started glowing in the atmosphere. My initial thought was a shooting star! God is literally winking, or smiling at me right here. But then it kept growing, and moving, traveling fast, eventually coming to my knowledge that this is definitely an aircraft of some sort. IMG_97732.jpg

I thought it could be a jet plan until a real jet plane crossed paths with it and made it so clear that this aircraft was one not in our atmosphere. I’m convinced it was a rocket in space, something NASA had to have sent up. I watched it slowly make its way across the entire sky, emerging from one atmospheric horizon and disappearing into the next.

Watching the whole scene, I stood back in awe, feeling so small. God needed to remind me of how big He is. I’d been chewing over the idea that God’s power that lived in Christ lives through us. He’s God of the universe, the incomprehensible infinity. This was yet another glimpse of His shared power that’s running through all our veins, confirming that we can do great things. We can have the confidence to build His kingdom, to spread His love. I am more than capable and so are you. His universe lives in us and the possibilities are endless. I hope someone needed this just as much as I did. Stay strong out there and remain in joy!

With love, BLG.

“The Lord is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and my song I give thanks to him.” Psalms 28:7


4 thoughts on “Infinity of Love and Strength

  1. Beautiful words from a beautiful heart. The humble realization that we’re God’s creation and that He is in charge of our whole universe is the beginning of His wisdom imparted in us.

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