“Where you go I will go and where you stay I will stay.” Ruth 1:16

This hangs above my bed and I read it quite often. Simple yet it’s still so easy to stray, taking Jesus off the throne of our hearts and unintentionally replacing Him with our busy lives. Especially in this season, where people-pleasing easily motivates our hearts in perfecting the look of Christmas decorations and preparing just the right gifts as an example. 

Lately the Lord has been testing my heart’s intents when it comes to how I deal with the same busybody anxiety. He’s been showing me how susceptible I am to fall in that trap of busyness and planning. With each to-do I must accomplish in order to follow my health plan perfectly, or in managing that my financial goals are endlessly planned and carried out. – Just to name the biggest ones lately.

I experienced Jesus’ peaceful intersection between myself and all these nagging thoughts, suggesting, “You don’t need to keep doing, just be. Be with me, be present, be at peace.”

It’s ironic that this time of year, we tend to get too busy to really be with Jesus, when;

1. that’s what this season, what we’re celebrating, “Emmanuel” means, “God with us,” and

2. Jesus wouldn’t want His birthday celebrated with a bunch of anxiety and planning. He’d rather us prepare no gifts under the tree, but gifts of our time, love, and peace for one another as we draw closer to Him simultaneously. 

I’m constantly thinking of what my next blog post will be and it becomes so overwhelming these days to tell you the truth.

I have so many plans, ideas, drafts, stories, etc. that I have planned for this blog. In my personal journal, I write endlessly of current prayers and biblical-personal discoveries I share with God intimately and have been pondering if it’s selfish that I’m not sharing these entries on my blog regularly. 

Well, then my bible study got to Ecclesiastes 3, where “there is a time and a season for every activity under the heavens.”

I’ve been strongly receiving the impression that I need to surrender this anxiety about when and what will I post next when Jesus just calls me to be with him now. Whether that means I take a seasoned hiatus from creating any social media / blog content, I will follow and see.

Just to put it out there, the Lord is calling me inward, in need for deeper discovery with Him and myself. I will go where He goes and thank you all for understanding if you see me online a little less this season. 

My excitement for what He has in store is overflowing! Peace and blessings to each one of you and your families this Christmas! 

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