The Year I met Jesus – Best Year Yet

God reveals Himself through His creations.

What allows a beautiful visitation of snow in the desert? An experience of strange rarity. Such strange unknowns that can be uncomfortable and even unwarranted by an unprepared participant. But God surely prepares us, as cold weather gradually moves in, introduces signs of more and more clouds, then produces cold light rain until finally crystallizing and dusting Earth with perfect snowflakes. These snowflakes, too perfect to be sculpted by the world’s most prestigious designer or artist. With microscopic geometric uniqueness that no one in existence could ever explain or recreate but our Almighty God.

But each beautiful snowflake and snow-kissed miracles predates some painful temperatures, pressure, mud, darkness, slippery environments, and uncertainty.

Not only do we get perfect, graceful snowflakes from standing strong through those hardships but oh how those dark nights faithfully break into the most vibrant and colorful of days. This is our God.

Shimmering blue skies with gravity-defying, dancing clouds. Millions of species whose roots firmly planted, exonerate lively songs through the rich green color breathed out of every pore of every leaf. Streams flow along mountain sides to even further sustain His creatures, exceeding all their expectations and needs.

Receiving each of life’s moments to be the greatest gifts beyond all comprehensible “dreams-come-true”, fairy tales, goals, or wish-lists.

This is what God has given me all 2018, the best year of my life. This is what He continues to gift and promise to each of His children. This is my reality, and this is also what He has in store for you this 2019. Get excited, get ready for His glory to intersect your life, to meet you right where you are, taking you further into life and all its joy than you’ve ever been before.

Hear me well, of course there have and always will be difficulty, but through each of them He has always been by my side, carrying me, breathing through me with love and strength. Not just to get me through them all, but to reassure that it’s never a pointless battle.

He is so faithful. Hallelujah! Happy New Year!

Also, I highly recommend this yearly examen worksheet created by the Fadlings of Unhurried Living.


Click to access AnnualExamen_Is61.pdf

Reflect on all the wonderful mercies and gifts the Lord has brought you this past year.

3 thoughts on “The Year I met Jesus – Best Year Yet

  1. Beautiful! Grace upon grace! Beauty upon beauty!

    John Beeson
    Associate Teaching Pastor

    New Life Bible Fellowship
    p: 520.887.6447
    f: 520.887.1129
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    Cultivating a community that enjoys God and transforms the world through the Gospel.


  2. This is an incredible contrast of the creator of the world and its majesty and the Creator of the human soul The beauty He designed in each – the redemption that comes from and after the mud and mire that only He can bring purpose from… like a unique and perfect snowflake or undeserved freedom in our life – total saving grace. It boggles the mind. I love this so much.

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