If We’re Being Completely Honest. [Prayer Challenge]

Privaledge or no privilege. Wealth or poverty. Healthy or unhealthy. War, corruption, neglect, abuse, or heartbreak. An ugly world or not: days like these I just don’t understand how people can conclude that God is not good, or that He’s not with us.

I went on this beautiful hike today where my attitude from the start was in the agreement of it being a failed day. But I was so wrong. With absolute perfect weather and the earth singing its’ worship to its’ creator, I was so wrong. I was embraced by transformative rays of sunshine, unforgettable views, butterflies, grasshoppers, and birds all greeting me on my path.

In between chaos or disappointment, there’s moments of stillness. In between anxiety and uncertainty, there’s acceptance. There we find the freeing whisper from God that He still provides all. He still gives abundant gifts we can’t even see in full each day. They blend into the fog of complaints and ungratefulness. A fog that lingers in the hurried and distracted pace we might get lost in at times.

It’s never that I deserve it, but the Lord always meets me where I’m at. He’s impressed on me lately this new prayer challenge. I hope it can bring you to a deeper place in your prayer life as well.

It begins by stating, “Lord, if I’m being completely honest, ____,” and then fill in the blank to whatever is relevant in your life.

“Lord if I’m being completely honest, my plans are never better than your plans.”

“Lord if I’m being completely honest, my ability to love (others, myself, etc) is nothing near your love.”

The list goes on. Let it lead you to intentionally ask for what is the Lord’s will to work in your life and I know He will be faithful. He will work wonders, He is a good God. Most importantly, I’m embracing that He’ll give you exactly what you need and exactly what you can handle. Appreciate it, love it, own it.

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