Flash Grenade Flash Piece

The following is a flash piece I wrote for my writing class. The assignment involves researching “odd-facts” to incorporate into a personal account essay. So I embraced some research on the author of (most of) the New Testament, the Apostle Paul. I intend to expand it into an essay that tells of the formation of the early church along with some of my personal experience as it resembles Paul’s life and history. How the encounter of Christ can change absolutely everything. I’m beyond excited for it and I hope you enjoy the following snippet!

The infamous Saul of Tarsus spends the first quarter of his life as a blood-shedding slayer of the first Christians. A Roman-citizen, one of the people who cheered as Christ bled out His life hanging on a cross. Saul of Tarsus, satisfied with the show, washes himself up, gathers his things, and mounts as cavalier on the self-assured path with speed of his pretentious steed. What he doesn’t know is the days of Saul of Tarsus are over, everything he once knew will flash grenade before his eyes as he loses sight, and then fully obliterate his previous existence when the Christ of it all returns Paul of Tarsus, his eyesight and his mission. “Then he told me, ‘The God of our ancestors has chosen you to know his will and to see the Righteous One and hear him speak” (Acts 22:14). With restored clarity, this renewed Paul of Tarsus births Christ’s church, brings community into worship the true Lord. No matter behind bars, and to the point of execution. With restored clarity, I reach into the depths of the new Me of 2019, also called to a mission, though spared of the tortures of 62 A.D., my mission holds unceasing, remarkable obliterations of its own.

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