3am Writing / Romans 5-8 Inspo.

This upcoming year will go by fast.  

Remember to rest in the identity you have in Christ. Not of yourself.  

Lose yourself in His regard, finding joy in the trials and challenges, remembering that in all things that feel like death, you are also burying those things in Christ’s death. Remembering how they are to be raised to life in Him, as He promises.  

Proactively take on that new life. Accept the gift of salvation now, there’s no other prerequisite to freedom.  

Letting go of tight-gripped hurts and whatever circumstances we can see with our own eyes. A righteous sacrifice that brings lies of how letting go will cause more pain. But in reality, pain or not, quickly a bloom of vibrant, abundant new life unfolds.  

Anything we hand over to God is worth losing in return for what He has in store.  

“Consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” Roms. 8:18 

From recent convictions, I’m focusing on rereading Romans Chapters 5-8 for my Bible study time. I read each chapter before falling asleep to soon find myself wide awake at 3am. Maybe God was telling me to unpack a bit of what I got out of it. There’s the quick reflection I typed out with a hopeful outlook toward 2020.

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