little pieces of heaven

Sometimes there can be too much perfect
on earth, there can only be so much
heaven and perfection
exhibited fully within a moment
or here and there
in a season of beauty

then after all the light
He rightly made
the myriads of colors
which shimmered in and out
of our everyday until
we rendered it mundane
in an instant,
He reminds His hand over it

it’s as if it was all a flash
mistaken as ours forever

we wonder when did we stop dancing
in that light
we took for granted

how many gems went overlooked
and moments forgotten
or lost within our own cheap humanity
where we flake, bend, and break
to unjustly fire off at another
or remain comfortable in silence
all the same
unjustly uncherished

its ashes are swept away
until He revives them gold one day
in the moment of our last light.

This poem is a bit of my reflection at how God gives and takes away. So often lately, I’ve found myself in a season of change and uncertainty. It’s mostly inspired by losing the seemingly perfect store I work at, with an amazing family for a team and customers. I’ll always cherish my time there and with each person apart of it. The time spent and moments created there can never be replaced, so I hold them in my heart.

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