New biomes ahead

Yesterday Ashley and I went with her grandparents to the remarkable Biosphere 2. It's an Arizona treasure that I've never before got the opportunity to explore. The Biosphere 2 is an expanse of 5 different enclosed biomes where scientists experiment the possibility of life outside this planet. They had to have it all, the desert, … Continue reading New biomes ahead

I have to write

I have to write, because if I don't, I'd lose my life. Overexaggerating? Or, completely valid and here's why. Writing means something to me when nothing else does. It can be whatever I want it to, shallow or deep; personal or reflective. We all have opinions and I find it beautiful how genuine love is … Continue reading I have to write

There’s a Guy in the Driveway

Stepping outside for my walk and all is well. There's a crisp morning air as usual at this morning hour and the trees gently dance to a soft breeze. The pavement is renewed after the night’s rest, the overgrown bushes greet me with jovial innocence. As I pass them, branches are slowly going away from … Continue reading There’s a Guy in the Driveway