There’s a Guy in the Driveway

Stepping outside for my walk and all is well. There’s a crisp morning air as usual at this morning hour and the trees gently dance to a soft breeze. The pavement is renewed after the night’s rest, the overgrown bushes greet me with jovial innocence. As I pass them, branches are slowly going away from above my head. 

All is so well. The sun is shining, the sky is green. Wait. The sky is, green. Not like a murky storm rolling in and tinting the clouds sort of green. But a cloud-less, dark green dyed sky encapsulated the bright sun. I’m cranking my neck back to find an end to it, but it’s all surrounded. Horizon to horizon. 

What happened between today and yesterday? It doesn’t give off any tint to the rest of the world in reflection. I need to find answers, I need to find someone- anyone or anything that can make things make sense.

I realize I’m not paying any awareness to where my feet take me. I find myself already across the street from my home. I look all around for any clues to this mystery. But no. No rays of reflection, no sign of some missile explosion, no different scent or appearance other than this awful new color of our ascending atmosphere. 

I look back toward my home. There’s a guy in the driveway, just standing right in the middle of it. I go frozen. He’s staring back at me. As though he’d been staring this whole time and had no intention to stop. Did I walk right passed him and not even notice?

I realize right away he isn’t from here, I just knew it in the pit of my gut. He doesn’t know this place and doesn’t want to. I also realize, he knows me, and wants to. 

I became inspired to write how Jesus might return on this Earth. With everything seemingly routine and sound, except one major divergent. Like the sky being green- Jesus, his nature, his character, his love, doesn’t fit the picture of what our Earth looks like.

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