I have to write

I have to write, because if I don’t, I’d lose my life.

Overexaggerating? Or, completely valid and here’s why.

Writing means something to me when nothing else does. It can be whatever I want it to, shallow or deep; personal or reflective. We all have opinions and I find it beautiful how genuine love is where respect and acceptance meet. Why then, aren’t we practicing more genuine love by sharing and respecting the opinions of our fellow humans?

Writing is what I know best to support this genuine love. Let my writing never be perfect, but I’ll still press on. I’ll still create it and pour my heart into it along the way. No matter the fear that tries to keep me in shadows. Where I’d turn into another creature altogether. Unhealed and distressed, a writer without her practice is truly the thing to fear.

A God-given calling I can’t ignore and can’t run from. Knitted within me are these passions that sew words across pages, and pages across screens, and screens across hearts. A gift of creation which continues to create. I’m obligated and passionate to take my dream of writing captive and unceasingly make it obedient to Christ [2 Corinthians 10:5]. And as we all know, Christ is my life and I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Him.

We all have pastimes we love to do because we were made with a reason to love those things. The activities we can’t live without and honestly delight the Lord when we’re doing them.

Sometimes there are seasons where my writing is only private because no matter which form it takes, intimate or private, it’s a gift between me and God. Sometimes I just have no words. Sometimes I have too big of dreams and am intimidated by starting or continuing. Well, my writing and I are both changing beings. Fighting the waves of life that we tumble through, we stay committed. I’m eager to see what places we discover next. How we’re both evolving.

Do I write all this to explain myself to others? Am I just reassuring myself? Whatever the complexities, it’s the real battle within a writer. These are the endless persuasions which I lever myself.

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