New biomes ahead

Yesterday Ashley and I went with her grandparents to the remarkable Biosphere 2. It’s an Arizona treasure that I’ve never before got the opportunity to explore. The Biosphere 2 is an expanse of 5 different enclosed biomes where scientists experiment the possibility of life outside this planet. They had to have it all, the desert, the rainforest, mangroves, an ocean, and savannah. During our tour, I was fascinated and full of my own excitement for exploration to come.

Less than a week and I’ll be traveling to my new home across the country, North Carolina. Ashley and I will be apart for about a month until she gets there and my heart already aches with that distance. But I’m so excited for our life together, for the places we’ll see and go. As we walked the biosphere, I imagined how many of the same species of trees and plants I’d see along our way. How similar the air quality and smells of those lands are comparable to the south or the east coast.

We’ve been to North Carolina before and are absolutely in love with it. From the biosphere pictures attached, you can imagine how much I could already feel myself there, surrounded by beautiful greenery. I’ve always felt such a soulful connection to these environments of moisture. More and more it’s like the dryness of the desert is sending us, along with its moisture to the east or to the west. We chose east.

Ashley has some wonderful family there whom we’re so excited to catch up with, as well as family that I have along the way. Expect more adventure entries, photos, and all kinds of landscape to come!

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