moving from frantic to anti-frantic

I’ve recently been motivated by something new I’ve heard. A life hack and wise wisdom all in one, working to reprogram my inherited short-fused brain-wiring. The message said, “Jesus never did anything frantically.”

The first response in my head to this (and conditioning of this hustle-focused generation) was to question it. As though I had to defend the way I work by ensuring it was still relatable to Jesus. Replaying every miracle, healing, rebuking, and suffering that I know He faced, the statement soon earned validity in my brain. I knew it was true, Jesus didn’t work frantically, and I figured that should mean I don’t have to.

Taking the notion up in prayer and application further proved its validity. Beyond its truth, however, I found what was even sweeter is the refreshment and effectiveness of this virtue. Applying extra intention on my shift at work that same day, I gently caught my frantic tendencies and traded them for a more deliberate, peaceful way of work.

It doesn’t mean I don’t have difficulties and stresses on the job, no, that’ll be inevitable. But I found I made fewer mistakes when I subtracted the chaos from the situation. At least in my mind, body, and spirit. I can’t control everyone else, but I know I can control that much- the wholeness within me. This allowed greater ease and reduction of fear as I knew I made space for the Holy Spirit to join in.

Trust me, working as a catering deliverer for orders that cost hundreds of dollars can get stressful. We won’t fully escape experiencing stress in this world yet, but remembering the qualities of Jesus can sure help level us out at least. He had drastic circumstances and still remained anti-frantic… I can be grateful and inspired by that.

If you don’t already know, Jesus suffered beyond understanding, and He did it for you. He wants a relationship with you which is possible through the power of the Almighty God who created you and the universe. I used to believe in “the universe” more than an all-powerful God. But there’s genuinely so much more evidence and grace to learn about, all of which God made available to us.

The culture we live in can be so worrisome, panic-stricken, and fearful. We don’t have to constantly live this way. May we take intentional steps with Christ to live more anti-frantic.

Definition of frantic

/ˈfran(t)ik/, adjective: wild or distraught with fear, anxiety, or other emotion. “she was frantic with worry”


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