Handcrafted by Britt

Hi, I’m Britt and here’s what this is all about~

Motivated by my own skin sensitivities, I created my own natural lotions that I had to share. With calming, natural, and the purest of ingredients I’ve always grown to love and trust. My lotions proved to treat my skin irritations that I thought I’d have to live with forever. It’s a freedom I aim to share with you too!

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-Store no warmer than room temperature (Natural lotions prefer the cold until they reach your skin. Refrigeration preferred).

-Use as body lotion, avoiding sensitive areas and face

-Keep up to a year

-Slice small pieces off at a time to apply into skin, a little goes a long way!

-Use before bed, wake up to revived skin!



-Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil

-Organic Pure Jojoba Oil

-Pure CBD Oil

-Cosmetic Grade Triple-Filtered Beeswax

[Rotating ingredients / Per Request]–>

-Lemon & Vitamin E Body Oil Blend

-Lavender Essential Oil

-Peppermint Oil

Pure, Calming, & Natural ingredients handcrafted body lotion bars. creating miracles for problem-skin or all skin types.


2 inch x 1.5 inch lotion bar. All ingredients listed in sidebar.


2 inch x 2 inch lotion bar. All ingredients listed in sidebar.

“ALL SET” $34

Three lotion bars. Two 2 inch x 2 inch bars, plus One 2 inch x 1.5 inch bar. All ingredients listed in sidebar.

Almost overnight, I noticed a softer, calmer skin. All the homemade moisturizers I’ve used before were always way too oily. But these are refreshing and renewing!