Another Post of Things I’ve Learned

The past two months have been full of growth. I’ve learned so much of my potential and what can hinder it. Where my confidence is thwarted and insecurities overpower. I’ve learned about what’s held me down, refreshed to find the widespread normality of it, and that *thank God*, I'm not the only one. Things I’ve … Continue reading Another Post of Things I’ve Learned

If We’re Being Completely Honest. [Prayer Challenge]

Privaledge or no privilege. Wealth or poverty. Healthy or unhealthy. War, corruption, neglect, abuse, or heartbreak. An ugly world or not: days like these I just don’t understand how people can conclude that God is not good, or that He’s not with us. I went on this beautiful hike today where my attitude from the … Continue reading If We’re Being Completely Honest. [Prayer Challenge]


Today I took a walk through childhood. I stepped along the path of simpler days. Memories of naiveté and blissful whimsy came flooding back here. I had a Door Dash delivery to be dropped off at the apartments I grew up in and spent most of my childhood. Aside from in my dreams, I hadn't … Continue reading Nostalgia