Nobody’s Perfect… How Perfect.

“I’m not perfect. You’re not perfect. And that’s just perfect.” -Julia Kristina Counselling I'm loving how this change of perspective has shaped my mind lately. I’ve learned to love that none of us (will ever) have it all figured out. I love that we can all learn from each other through all of our polar … Continue reading Nobody’s Perfect… How Perfect.


Infinity of Love and Strength

I'm excited to share of how God poured love and a beautiful lesson of empowerment over me today. I had been praying to become more motivated with the large goals I have and to keep my endurance active despite how exhausting my busy life can be. Just as before, He heard my prayer and provided … Continue reading Infinity of Love and Strength

Jesus gave us Summer so we can Learn to Dance After the Rain

This may feel more relatable in places with less brutal summers than our lovely desert... For those that know me, know I've struggled with depression in the past. Honestly, those thoughts and tendencies try bringing me back to that place every so often, but God is constantly saving me from that storm (Matthew 14:30-31). With … Continue reading Jesus gave us Summer so we can Learn to Dance After the Rain

Introducing Personal Discoveries, Intentions

What I would like to do with this blog at this time is create some series of intentions that I can expand on in multiple subjects with each entry. I've discovered a tendency of mine to be to set some intentions in the morning and then forget about them by the end of the day … Continue reading Introducing Personal Discoveries, Intentions